The Carl Menger Essay Contest


The 2013 Carl Menger essay contest is now accepting entries. The contest has a new online home at and two new co-sponsors, the Foundation for Economic Education and the Charles Koch Foundation.

The winners for 2012 were:


Colin Harris

Florida State University

Piracy as a Common Pool Resource: A Case Study of Online Pirate Communities Avoiding Tragedy

Adam McGoldrick

Queens University Belfast

Robust Monetary Regimes

Patrick Newman

Rutgers University

The Long Depression of 1873-1879: An Austrian Examination

The 2012 winners with the judges and the Menger Prize Committee. From left to right: Michael Thomas, Patrick Newman, Daniel Smith, Adam Martin, Colin Harris, Daniel D’Amico, Jeremy Horpedahl, and Diana Thomas.

Not pictured: Emily Skarbek and winner Adam McGoldrick.

The winners of the 2011 contest were:

Zachary Caceres

New York University

Status Quo Bias and State Legitimacy: Framing Effects of the Institutional Status Quo


Liya Palagashvili

George Mason University

Institutional Un-stickiness in Armenia: A Case Study of the Armenian Culture and Informal Institutions


Andrew Marcum

Duke University

The Chinese Massacre of 1871: A Perverse Emergent Order Perspective


The 2011 winners with the Menger Prize Committee. From left to right: Zachary Caceres, Daniel D’Amico, Andrew Marcum, Liya Palagashvili, Adam Martin, Emily Skarbek, Michael Thomas, Diana Thomas, and Jeremy Horpedahl.

The winners for 2010 were:

Rizqi Rachmat

George Mason University

Notes from the Underground: The Social Spaces of Urban Arts Communities in Action

Jacob Roundtree

Colby College

An Austrian Challenge to Public Choice Theory: The Case of Japan’s Lost Decade

Michael Wiebe

University of Manitoba

Toward an Anarchist Constitutional Political Economy

Daniel D’Amico, Rizqi Rachmat, Jacob Roundtree, Michael Wiebe, and Adam Martin

at the SDAE 2010 annual dinner.

The image of Menger above appears courtesy of the Instituto Ludwig von Mises Brasil.